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From startups to big corp

Streamline your recruitment process with Demando, no matter your company size or hiring needs.

Dynamic pricing: pay-per-hire, hire more pay less, SaaS or pay upfront

Choose the price plan that suits your budget and needs. Do you need to hire a whole team? Contact us to get a price plan that let’s you pay less per hire.

Want to avoid surprises? Source for free and only pay if you find the perfect fit for yout needs, using our standard Self Service offer.

Want help with copywriting, sourcing or in need of a full service recruitment solution? Contact us to get a quote.

Helping consultancies maintain their edge

We understand the unique demands of the consulting industry and our platform is a perfect tool for maintaining a high hirig speed, even for specialized roles.

With Demando consultancies can keep their competitive edge by always having access to a vetted and active cadidate pool, with a 85% response rate.

We have a wide variety of price plans to suit your needs. Please contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

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Enabling fast growth for product companies

We know that the needs of product companies evolve rapidly (‘cause we’re in it to). Therefore our recruitment solution is scalable, and can be seamlessly adapted to your growth.

No matter your growth journey, Demando is designed to streamline your talent acquisition process, helping you find the talent that takes you even further.

Whether you're a startup with ambitious plans or an established player aiming for the next level, our talent marketplace – and our price plan – is tailored to fuel your expansion.

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Lowering costs for start-ups through budget friendly talent aquisition

Our digital recruitment platform is designed to be budget-friendly for startups. We leverage technology to match and attract top talent without the hefty price tag. By using Demando, you can achieve your hiring goals while keeping a keen eye on your financial resources.

In the startup world, time is money. Our platform is effective without compromising on quality. We streamline the hiring process, providing you with a swift and cost-effective solution to build a team that propels your startup toward success.

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Streamlining processes for enterprises

Our digital recruitment solution goes beyond the transactional aspects of hiring; it's about creating a strategic, long-term approach to talent acquisition.

Tailored for the unique needs of enterprises, we optimize every step to ensure your team-building efforts align with your overarching business objectives.

Adapt our platform to align precisely with your enterprise's specific needs, ensuring that you receive a solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and workflows.

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A cost effective solution for the public sector

Public sector organizations demand efficiency coupled with fiscal responsibility. Our digital recruitment solution strikes the perfect balance. We optimize the hiring process to be both efficient and cost-effective, enabling public sector organizations to build teams that contribute to their mission without overspending.

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There’s a priceplan
for every need

Self service

Source and contact candidates on your own, with full access to our candidate pool.

40 000 SEK/hire

  • Full access to talent pool

  • Pay per hire

  • Help & Support


Popular choice

Like Self Service but pay upfront. Get your team together for a lower cost.

fr 35 000 SEK/hire

Save 5 000 – 180 000 SEK

  • Get more hires to a lower cost per hire

  • Replacement guarantee

  • Contact us for more info


Recruit over departments, and integrate with own processes & systems.

Price upon quote

  • Integrate with TA systems

  • Recruitment specialist

  • Custom team training

We also offer specialists

Your dedicated recruitment specialist, assisting with anything you need to succeed
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We’re here for you,
contact us to learn more

Ellen Fritzon

Recruitment Success Manager

Contact Ellen for a Demo or if you’re interested in Demando Self Service.

Write to Ellen

+46 79 102 72 61

Johan Sacklén

Recruitment Specialist

Contact Johan if you need more help in your recruitment process, from copywrtiting to sourcing or a full service offer.

Write to Johan

+46 70 964 62 62

Hanna Löfgren

Recruitment Specialist

Contact Hanna if you need more help in your recruitment process, from copywrtiting to sourcing or a full service offer.

Write to Hanna

+46 739 00 00 00

We started as a recruitment service for developers, but now you can find your whole team on Demando, from developers to product owner, marketeers and more.

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