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Java Developer

Backend (+5 år)
E-commerce, Analys & Big data, Detaljhandel, AI & maskininlärning
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Java (+ 5 år)



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We are seeking an experienced Java Developer with expertise in AWS to join our Data Enrichment team. Our purpose is to turn data into knowledge and our mission is to distill product catalogs down to product knowledge to enable outstanding search and recommender systems. As a Java Developer, you will be responsible for developing two of our services hosted in AWS. How we work: * Our dev organization consists of multiple teams that collaborate and interact daily * We work according to Agile principles * A clear connection between company vision and daily work, through the use of OKRs * Merge checks on tests and linting rules. This makes it easy to not merge or deploy broken code * Clear process of clarified code review & testing steps before releasing any feature, making it easy to get things right The tech stack we work with is Java, Spring Boot, AWS, Jenkins, Gitlab, IntelliJ, Maven, Docker.
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Voyado is the ultimate solution for personalization and relevance across all channels—online and offline. Used by retailers and e-commerce companies worldwide, the Voyado customer experience cloud makes it possible for every brand to engage customers, elevate shopping experiences, and evolve their own businesses. Voyado was founded in 2005 back in Norrköping and since then we have been challenging major players in customer loyalty, marketing automation and CRM. Today we are located in five different offices in Sweden (Lund, Stockholm, Norrköping, Linköping, & Åre) and consist of approximately 300 employees aka "Voyadoers". If joining Voyado we can promise you one thing - you will be part of an extremely exciting journey in redesigning the market for personalized customer experiences. We want to make our product Europe's leading loyalty system in retail and e-commerce, and together with our customers we are well on our way.


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