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Creating successful companies together with our clients is at the heart and soul of VNTRS. We believe that too many great ideas fall short due to the wrong reasons – we exist to change that. We are consultants but we don’t consider ourselves as such. We think that we get the best chances to reach success by becoming partners with our clients and work together as one team. Who we are VNTRS is a sweat-equity startup accelerator working with the latest and greatest entrepreneurs around the world, meaning - we take equity in startups to build, launch and grow them into the next generation of scale-ups. We are currently 40 employees with a portfolio of 23 companies, both of which are growing at a rapid speed. At VNTRS we walk the talk, and believe in skin in the game, both for our incubated startups, and for our employees. That’s why all our employees also own a stake in the companies we invest in. About the job Working at VNTRS as a mobile developer you can expect a lot of divers...
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Images from the company
Images from the company

Livet hos VNTRS - Venture Studio

VNTRS is a consultant and investment company. We help entrepreneurs and large corporations to build innovative digital products and services. But we’re not like any other consultant firm. Since we “sit in the same boat” and have the same goals as our clients, we also share the same responsibilities, risks and upsides. Everyone at VNTRS gets an exclusive right to invest part of their salary in the promising startups that VNTRS invest in. That is why we constantly strive to find developers, designers, product owners etc. who in addition to being awesome at what they do, also are leaders and entrepreneurs at heart. We look for people who actively want to be involved in shaping VNTRS and the companies we work with and invest in. All in all, we search for people that are passionate about our goal to make good ideas successful globally and to make the world a slightly better place.


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