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Livet hos Vergic AB

At Vergic, we help people enjoy more personal, engaging and efficient experiences online. We aim to ignite an era of web driven by a spirit of collaborative, useful connectivity between site visitors and owners that is powered by personalized, online, real-time customer engagements. Our Vergic Engage Platform acts as an interface for sites to share information, resolve issues and collaborate with customers — online and in real-time. This increases customer satisfaction levels, boosts lead and sales conversion rates, improves agent efficiency levels and streamlines costs by providing high-level multichannel customer service. Vergic's cloud service is a high volume service that has a major market share in enterprise advance chat and co-browse services in the nordic region. Among the customers are the largest government institutions, the largets insurance companies and banks, the largets e-commerce players in the nordic market and also globally leading retail companies. At peak 3-4000 ...


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