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Android (+5 år) • iOS (+5 år) • Fullstack (+5 år) • Frontend (+5 år) • Backend (+5 år) • Mobile (+5 år)
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JavaScriptJavascript (+ 3 år)



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You will become an App Engineer within the Truid development team. You will be part of a cross-functional team of 5-7 engineers where at least one highly senior team mate will focus dedicatedly on the app. We are open to widen the role in case your interests and competences go beyond app development. You will be deeply involved in the entire product development process, and you will have the opportunity to work with highly skilled and experienced engineers. The team will involve you, share knowledge and support you in taking next steps on the path of becoming a true super-star engineer. You will work mainly with TypeScript / React Native, but also when needed in Android and iOS native environments. You are a skilled hands on developer and a rising star with an ambition to become the best. You are interested in many parts of the software engineering discipline, and are motivated to focus primarily on app development. You are a good learner, you collaborate actively and you h...
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## The Product At Truid, we’re working to redefine how people and businesses manage identity. Our vision is to allow people to reclaim control of their digital identity, and let businesses outsource identification and focus on their core. We think this is a win-win for both people and businesses and that it will pave the way for a more trusting digital future. As a user, you upload and verify your identity and any relevant information about yourself into your own encrypted vault via the Truid app. You then share this information with any counterpart running Truid for any and all identification and authentication use cases (e.g. onboarding or logging on to a service, signing an agreement, verifying a transaction etc). Truid ensures that you’re always in control of your digital identity and that your integrity is always protected. With Truid, businesses can fully outsource identification and authentication while ensuring that they always have the customer data they need to run...


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