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We have offices in Lund and Helsingborg, and we mainly work onsite at our clients in Malmö, Lund or Helsingborg. We aid forward thinking organizations in pioneering digital transformation and solving business critical ambitions using modern technology. Nobody in our sales team works for commission, we have eliminated incentives like that since day one for all roles in our company. You can be sure to work closely with the sales team and your manager to make sure the assignment fits you, your life situation and your tech-stack, while they are also challenging and fun! Some things our developers are working with right now: - Creating a web-based system with the power to model anything from a transistor to a space shuttle - Helping an expanding company to scale its enormous database to handle a global launch - Moving a company from their current core business in the hardware segment to a software service-based health provider - Helping several market-leading companies related t...
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We are a consulting company founded by developers, for developers. The decisions we make, the challenges you get and the assignments you work on are based on this. _built on ambitious heritage We were founded back in 2010, when two experienced consultants Martin & Oskar decided to challenge the industry standards and challenge the world with tretton37. They were set on creating a knowledge-driven company in which they would work closely with their clients and embark on journeys towards well crafted software. Oskar & Martin have envisioned a globally admired company. A company which is based on extraordinary people who would provide tretton37 clients and the community with unparalleled experiences and thought provoking knowledge. Today, tretton37 consists of a significantly larger family of what we think are the best and the brightest people. People who are driven by the art of software craft and are wholeheartedly devoted to sharing their knowledge. tretton37 is a closely c...


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