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Engineering Manager

SecurityOps (+2 år) • Cloud (+3 år) • ITOps management (+3 år) • DevOps (+3 år)
80 000 SEK/månad
AI & maskininlärning, Analys & Big data, Finans och försäkring
100-499 anställda
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The Engineering Department at Qred is built on the principles of the DevOps movement, which for us means that our development teams have the end-to-end responsibilities of their products, including its infrastructure, operations and security.

As an Engineering Manager for the Platform team, you lead a team of six consisting of our DevOps, CloudOps, SecOps Engineers, and IT Support Specialist, which acts like an enabler & support function which the development teams collaborate with. The platform team provides the cloud platform, delivery mechanisms, tools & practices, observability tools, and security insights for our development teams. The team bridges any competence gaps such as container orchestration, penetration-testing, networking, best practices in IT Operations. The team also hosts the digital workplace experience and internal IT Support.

As we see it, an Engineering Manager with us has 3 main focus areas:


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Livet hos Qred Bank AB

Here at Qred, you’ll be a part of a cross-functional team together with other Qredsters with different tech competencies. We have a few things in mind when we build our teams, but in general, we put together Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, and App Developers with UX designers and Data Scientists, to be able to efficiently do our daily work and create a feeling of ownership for our products. Every team setting is led by an Engineering Manager and a Product Manager, to make sure everyone is included, listened to, aligned, and heading in the same direction. In terms of technology, Qred is a couple of years into the transition from start-up to scale-up. For us, this means that we’ve been investing in quality & maturity of our implementations, and have chosen technologies, ways of working, and an organisation-model that simplifies and enables a great work environment of personal growth, collaborations, product deliveries and relevant technologies to our developer's careers. To n...


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