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Fullstack (+4 år)
70 000-140 000 SEK/månad
AI & maskininlärning
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JavaScriptJavascript (+ 6 år)
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We are looking for a product-minded fullstack engineer to join our team. You will be responsible for building the core product, and will have a lot of freedom to shape the product and the company. You will be working closely with the founders as one of the first employees.

About Lovable

Lovable is building the software that builds other software. As an early member of the team you will have a great impact on the company and working closely with the founders.

  • Work in close-nit team of ioi gold medalists, CTOs and founders.

  • Work on a problem that has the potential to create a historical shift in how we think about software.


  • Explore, understand and implement the latest models and AI research in our product.

  • Develop and implement the core functionalities of our product.

  • Collaborate with the founding team to define, design, and ship new features.

  • Partic...

Livet hos Lovable

We want to enable anyone to create software


For three decades, software has been the most significant tool to unleash the world's ambition. Still, less than 1% of the world has the skills required to create software.


If we succeed, everyone will have the same capabilities that entire product development teams at stellar tech companies have today, right at their fingertips. We will unlock a new era of innovation, empowering dreamers everywhere to shape the world.

We're reducing the barriers to build and staying committed to unleashing human creativity on an unprecedented scale.

What and how

We are creating a system of autonomous software engineers, powered by Large Language Models, that allow non-technical people to create, deploy and iterate on any software product until it is lovable.

We believe that to make this effort worthwhile two ingredients must be: passion for stellar UX and clever 


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