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Software Engineer .Net

Fullstack (+2 år) • Frontend (+3 år) • Backend (+3 år)
500-999 anställda
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JavaScriptJavascript (+ 1 år)
WebAssemblyWebAssembly (+ 2 år)
C#C# (+ 2 år)



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Why should you want this job? Because you aim to create products that last and create value by existing on the market, at Knightec we don't just create a product, we make products that are a solution for a real problem. That's the reason that you should want this job to get the chance to create real solutions! Build a career that you can be proud of Your passion for problem-solving gives you the chance to explore different industries and products together with your team at Knightec. As a consultant, your path can be straight or with some curves to find your expertise in the field of system development. Depending on where you are in your journey, we are here to support you in creating a career you can be proud of! Your assignment will typically be in developing software for physical products, either running on the actual system or stand-alone. We work all the way from designing the graphical user interface, the actual application software, software interfacing with hardware compo...
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Progress starts in the mind. Innovations begin by daring to think in new ways and trying the untested. We want to create an environment where ideas and individuals meet and develop. Therefore, diversity is important to us. With people of different backgrounds and perspectives working together in a culture where courage, creativity and technical excellence thrive, benefits are created for our customers. And all at the same time as both people and technology develop. Today we are around 800 employees with 10 offices in Sweden, from Örnsköldvik in the North to Lund in Skåne.


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