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Software developer - inhouse

Backend (+3 år) • Cloud (+2 år)
500-999 anställda
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C#C# (+ 3 år)
JavaScriptJavascript (+ 3 år)
Java (+ 3 år)
Node.jsNode.js (+ 3 år)
Microsoft AzureAzure



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Why should you want this job? Because you like the idea of working as a product company and also want the diversity of projects that comes from being a consultant. It's all about delivering products and services as a team. The core of the everyday business is knowledge sharing. All code is reviewed, fast decision paths and great freedom allow you to develop your skills. The team is self-managed, so how the problem is solved is up to you. You and your team will pick the technologies needed to solve the task, not the other way around. What it all boils down to is that we want you to give you the possibility to only focus on what you love the most, solving technical problems. Build a career that you can be proud of All projects, whether it is regarding self-driving vehicles, a medical technology solution to fight cancer, or a streaming service, have one thing in common, they are all cloud solutions/products. Mob programming, code review, tech talks, hackathons, and certifica...
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Images from the company
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Progress starts in the mind. Innovations begin by daring to think in new ways and trying the untested. We want to create an environment where ideas and individuals meet and develop. Therefore, diversity is important to us. With people of different backgrounds and perspectives working together in a culture where courage, creativity and technical excellence thrive, benefits are created for our customers. And all at the same time as both people and technology develop. Today we are around 800 employees with 10 offices in Sweden, from Örnsköldvik in the North to Lund in Skåne.


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