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Hives began with a simple idea That knowledge and experience need to be shared. Once upon a time, we used to be a team of consultants that would help organisations to create a better and more effective digital workplace. However, we understood early on that many of our clients had a hard time enabling their employees to voice their opinions and share ideas of improvement. They simply lacked a permanent model for constant change. And without an easy way to gather ideas, a change would come slowly and the health (and wealth) of the organisation would be threatened. The concept actually works much like a beehive. By the way, did you know that the beehive is a commonly used symbol of industry and cooperation? And it makes a lot of sense as in a hive, every bee has a purpose and a specific task, and they all work together. And much like a beehive, the well-being of, and the culture in, an organisation is dependent on the busy bees it consists of. A beehive works like so: Its inter...

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