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Senior Backend Developer to Helicon!

Backend (+4 år)
50 000-70 000 SEK/månad
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PythonPython (+ 4 år)



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About us; Helicon builds software for energy companies and startups with energy-related products (e.g ABB, Polarium, Stockholm Exergi). Our experienced software engineers and data scientists specialize in product development, data engineering, and cloud infrastructure. A typical project includes some kind of data infrastructure (where we use tools like: Kubernetes, Airflow, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB, Kafka), a machine learning component (typically built around Spark and Tensorflow), APIs and software to facilitate communication between services (e.g. Python, FastAPI, Django, Kafka, RabbitMQ), and UIs where end-users can operate the system and visualize data and analyses (e.g. React, ThreeJS, WebGL). About you; You’re super-passionate about code and technology. You’re pretty much fluent in Python, and preferably also got experience with Django. You enjoy discovering, defining, and solving problems. You make pragmatic scoping decisions and are able to explain why the team is do...
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At Helicon, we're building software and platforms to help tackle one of today’s most critical challenges: making energy systems more efficient, flexible, and sustainable for everyone. Technology is our core, and we believe we can use it to create a positive and lasting impact, leaving the world a little bit better than we found it. Working at Helicon means being part of a team of deeply passionate scientists and engineers who love learning new things and use that knowledge to positively impact the world around us. If you’re ready to make an impact, come join us.


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