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Site Reliability Engineer

SRE (+1 år) • DevOps (+2 år)
AI & maskininlärning, Infrastruktur & applikationer, E-commerce
100-499 anställda
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Our hosting team of five competent SREs and sysadmins is running the FACT-Finder services across both physical hardware and in the cloud. Our platform currently consists of over 800 virtual machines totaling 35 TB of RAM, supporting 1800 e-commerce stores worldwide. However, we are outgrowing our previous infrastructure choices, and we need your help to create the future of our platform. By being part of our team, you will have major influence over technical decisions and contribute to shaping this future solution. Together with us, you will - Solve a wide variety of computer infrastructure problems with long-term maintenance in mind - Manage networks and Linux-based servers and services, physical and virtual, with and without containers - Simplify workflows and then write code to automate them safely and reliably - Reason about trade-offs relating to cost, time, and resource usage - Analyse beyond “the root cause” to improve the performance of both social and computer system...

Livet hos FACT-FInder

FACT-Finder is the leader in search, merchandising, and personalisation for e-commerce. Offering our product as-a-service, we are rooted in technological innovation, using ever-evolving proprietary machine learning to enhance every online interaction for buyers while increasing revenue for sellers. To further the reach of our technology, FACT-Finder joined forces with Loop54 last year. Loop54 is the market leader for real-time, 1-to-1, ML-driven personalisation in e-commerce. This, along with accrued experience in the industry and a dedicated team of experts, has established us as the smartest way to the best products. We fully expect to shape the future of the digital shopping experience for users world-wide, and we need your help to figure out how. (FACT-Finder is the parent company, and Loop54 is the Swedish subsidiary which employs our Swedish colleagues, and whose offices you will be able to work from.)


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