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Data Engineer,

Data engineering (+4 år) • Database administration (+3 år) • Data analysis (+2 år) • Data science (+4 år) • AI/ML (+4 år)
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50-99 anställda
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Your Role: As a Senior Data Engineer, you will lead transformative projects, delivering bespoke data solutions and embracing the forefront of Generative AI technologies. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing and implementing state-of-the-art databases, data pipelines, and warehouses tailored to client needs.

  • Taking a leading role in initiatives around Google's innovative Gemini foundation model.

  • Serving as a trusted consultant, converting complex data challenges into elegant technical solutions and nurturing client relationships.

  • Mentoring team members, promoting a culture of knowledge sharing and professional growth.

What We Offer:

  • Professional Development: Access to leading learning platforms and training programs, including Udemy Business, Google Cloud Skills Boost, and our proprietary GCloud University. We support your certification ...

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With 25 years under our belt, we’re a strong global player with over 10,000 professionals across 20 countries. Our values are rooted in diversity, inclusion, and continuous learning. In Sweden, where we have been present since 2000, our offices in Stockholm, Malmö, and Halmstad reflect our dedication to accessibility and a balanced workspace. As a Premier and MSP Partner of Google, we’re quite hands-on. We focus on Infrastructure Modernization, Data Management, Smart Analytics, Application Modernization, and AI & Machine Learning. It’s about practical innovation, and together with Google, we’re good at it. We work on meaningful projects and support over 2,500 customers in 20 countries. It’s about making things happen and shaping the future tangibly. Join us, and let’s build what’s next, together.


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