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Senior/Lead Software Engineer

Fullstack (+5 år)
HR, Sälj, AI & maskininlärning
20-49 anställda
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RustRust (+ 2 år)
RubyRuby (+ 2 år)
JavaScriptJavascript (+ 2 år)



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CV Partner is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join our development team to take an active role in shaping our engineering culture and building out our new platform. Since its inception in 2012 the main codebase has been a Rails app that’s become large and unwieldy. Over the last few years we’ve found the limitations of the system and have started to move to a microservice architecture based around event-sourcing and CQRS. As a senior engineer you will help us build out this platform and develop functionality in new microservices. We’re fairly open to which technologies are chosen and have a variety running in production (including Ruby, Rails, Rust, TypeScript, JavaScript, Kotlin, React and Vue) so you should be comfortable picking up new languages and frameworks quickly. We don’t expect you to be an expert in all of these as long as you’re happy to learn new things. Recently we have been writing more and more new code in Rust due to the language features and compile-time guar...
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We are CV Partner - a SaaS solution revolutionizing how professional service firms craft tailored CVs, resumes, and case studies for public tenders, bids, and proposals. As the foremost tool in CV, resume, and case study management, we empower companies that use CVs and resumes during bids or RFP responses, ushering in a new era of efficiency and excellence. Established in 2012 in Oslo, we've evolved from a small startup to a multi-location enterprise with bases in London, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. Bootstrapped from the start, our deliberate growth strategy prioritizes sustainability and profitability. By avoiding rapid and unwise expansion, we keep our focus on enhancing customer experiences and refining our software. Our dedication lies in serving our user's needs. Joining CV Partner isn't just a job; it's becoming a significant contributor within a close-knit team. From day one, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of a growing company.


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