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Data engineering (+2 år)
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What We have taken a decision to be data- and insights-driven. For this we need an Enterprise Data Management platform, with focus on enterprise data (not product development data), that will help us: Support the decision-making process through business intelligence and predictions via advanced analytics Connect the entire enterprise data eco-system to optimize availability, utilization and data terminology Make our business processes more efficient via operational automation Why Our current business processes are manual, time-consuming and error-prone. We also lack master sources for some critical data which needs to be bought or built. Our main business use cases are financial analysis and planning, People & resource analysis and planning (HCM), Customer & Sales analysis and planning (CRM) etc. How We will design and build an Azure Enterprise Data Management platform, that supports both operational and analytical use cases, such as business process automation,...

Livet hos Build Measure Learn Sweden AB

Build Measure Learn is a data & analytics consulting company that is expanding to meet market demand (assignments at clients) and to achieve our mission of playing an impactful part in helping companies in Sweden on their journey to become data-driven. Are you skilled in the area of data & analytics and feel that it is time to shift context to continue your growth? Would you like colleagues that are best-in-class and humble about it? We will find a great match between you and assignment where both you and the client benefit. Our clients are in need of help in having data guide their decisions, democratizing data and using data to power everything. We seek you that love everything about data. You have no problem diving into data; cleaning it, transforming it, analyzing it, visualizing it, and using it to tell stories. You want to develop your career at a growing company and work with a massive amount of data-points.


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