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Senior Software Engineer, Mobile app

Mobile (+4 år) • Frontend (+4 år) • Android (+4 år) • iOS (+4 år)
60 000-65 000 SEK/månad
50-99 anställda
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SwiftSwift (+ 4 år)
C#C# (+ 3 år)
JavaScriptJavascript (+ 4 år)
Java (+ 4 år)



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Bokio is on a mission to make the world a better place for small businesses. We want to make it super easy for everyone to run a business through automation of financial services, accounting, payments and taxes. We’re now expanding our Mobile app development to enhance on-the-go experience with our Android and iOS apps. You will be a founding member of the Mobile App Platform team. The team will take good care of the fundamentals of the app and provide a great developer experience for the Product teams.

Sounds exciting? Join the team and help us make an already awesome product even better!

More details can be found below, but in a nutshell:

  • You will be part of a small, experienced team that owns the platform and developer experience of the Bokio mobile app. Our teams have creative freedom for solving challenges, clarity for direction and support for progress.

  • Your main playground will be all or some of: React Native, React,...

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Livet hos Bokio AB

Bokio as a scale up. At Bokio we improve the everyday life for business owners by utilizing the power of AI combined with great product design. By making it more affordable, easier and faster to invoice customers, pay salaries and handle accounting we let our customers spend more time on the things that really matters. We are able to do this thanks to our fantastic developers and designers. At Bokio we love difficult challenges, that’s when our skilled team really makes a difference. While we love the technical side our main focus is on how we can help the customer better, even if that sometimes require non-technical solutions. As a scale up our whole culture is about daring to test new ways to solve old problems. Right now Bokio is available in Sweden and UK, where we are growing extremely fast and we get stellar reviews by our customers. Why are we doing this? We think that small business owners are everyday heroes that deserves all the help they can get. Among us we have...


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