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Life at Lesslie Technologies AB

Lesslie is automating b2b payments, saving customers lots and lots of time and money. We use tons of api's to build our product, and the obvious choice of tech for us in such a complex environment is Purescript. Lesslie was born from the idea that consumption of corporate banking products in the future will be through the accounting and business systems (ERP-systems). This is driven by Open Banking and regulations such as PSD2. Lesslie is a Digital CFO, “DFO”, that lives in the accounting and business systems, who gives advice and helps companies to make financial & accounting decisions and to implement them automatically. *In essence*, we’re helping out with accounting, invoicing, banking and business finance. We use API’s, PSD2 and scraping to merge all relevant information into a single UI. This also allows us to automate tasks, suggest improvements and warn about upcoming issues, precisely as a human with unlimited time would do.


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