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Backend developer

Backend (+3 yrs) • Database administration (+1 yrs) • Fullstack (+0 yrs)
Web, Gaming & Esports, Media & Entertainment
20-49 employees
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Skills & tools

GoGo (+ 1 yrs)
C#C# (+ 1 yrs)
PHPPHP (+ 1 yrs)

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Images from the company
Images from the company

Life at Epulze

EPULZE (Esports Pulze AB) is a world-leading esports online platform and a full esports service provider that strives to be a springboard for amateur players trying to make it in the world of professional esports. The tournament platform is providing the everyday gamer with a place to compete in a fun, friendly and exciting environment. Since the inception of the platform in 2017, it has served over a quarter of a million players participating in over 50.000 online tournaments. Epulze has also produced a wide variety of pro tournaments while also running live stream productions out of their own broadcasting studio, marketing campaigns, live events and esports services. With a headquarter in Örebro, Sweden, a subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and an office in Singapore, as well as regional teams in Kiev, Ukraine and São Paulo, Brazil. Our multi-national community includes the whole range of key components. From the grassroot enthusiasts winning and earning their way up to...


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